Ready to plant your roots in Sumter County? Buy the land and start from scratch or buy one of our beautiful houses right here in Sumter County.


Campora Development buys properties and houses with potential to grow the community and serve Sumter County. 


From college students to new families looking to get a start in Sumter County. We have the best fit for you and your budget. 

Campora is more than a name you see on a sign. Him and his wife is the heart of Livingston. Mr. Campora is like a fountain, his constant support and love for UWA and the town itself is endless. He is constantly pouring into better educational opportunities, athletic ventures , and building bonds with wonderful people.

Putting Sumter Back On The Map

Our Mission

At Campora Development, we believe that authenticity and creativity are key to
revitalization in small towns. We look to rebuild and revitalize Sumter County while
keeping the cozy small town feel we all know and love.

We care for the people in the community and believe that if we can inspire others to
seek their own creative joy in life, we will have done something worthwhile.

Get started with us today!

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